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AuteurVeldkamp A.
Date de publication1992
ReferenceA 3-d model of quaternary terrace development, simulations of terrace stratigraphy and valley asymmetry: A case study for the allier terraces (limagne, France), Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Vol. 17, pp 487-500
RattachementDepartment of Soil Science and Geology, Agricultural University Wageningen, P.O. Box 37, 6700 AA, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Période considéréeQuaternaire
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IMG Figure 1: Location of the study area. The Allier basin is situated in the Limagne rift valley in the French Central Massif 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 2: Schematic cross section of the Randan terrace sequence. This section from the oldest Quaternary terrace (t) down to the actual floodplain (z) is the most complete Allier terrace sequence 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 3: Cross section showing the impact of the model processes: incision, bank erosion and deposition 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 4: Cumulative erosion curve, derived from changes in discharge/sediment load equilibrium during simulation of LIMTER. This curve illustrates the alternating erosion and sedimentation stages dur... 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 5: Two tectonic components as input of the LIMTER simulation. QUPLIFT is the general uplift of the modelled area, QUPLIFT-UNEQUAL is the difference in uplift rate between the two valley sides,... 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 6: 3-D valley relief development during simulation, in timesteps of 100 ky. The effects ofchanging fluvial dynamics are illustrated by incision and terrace formation. Irregularities in the vall... 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 7: 3-D graph of the development of one cross section in time. An asymmetrical terrace sequence develops as a result of distorted downgrading of the Allier system 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 8: Cross section Bnd terrace stratigraphy development during the last 100 ky of the simulation shown each 20 ky 1992 Veldkamp A.
IMG Figure 9: Comparison of the Randan terrace sequence and the model output. Note the good correspondence between model and reality for the younger terraces 1992 Veldkamp A.